“Voices of the Universe” Sound Bath

Raise your vibration and expand your consciousness.

Uyanga Bold will guide you on a deep meditative sound attunement of the mind, body, heart and spirit.

What to expect:

Layered pure and polyphonic tones form calming evolving soundscapes made in the moment. Using loop pedals and effects, Uyanga draws vocal colors from a lifetime of studies into human vocalizations from around the world. You are invited to experience the deep listening in lotus position or in shavasana, as you prefer.

Participants report deep meditative states, decrease in stress levels, shift in emotional, mental and physical states, breakthroughs, and transcendent experiences.

Responses include: "Your voice is the best part of my day - so lovely, made in Heaven - it's like I'm floating on a wave of love and joy, weightless I slip away and this feeling is unbelievably good.", "You move space and time with your voice!", “I could finally meditate”, “I cried as soon as you sang”, "Magnificent! Sent me to another world", “All my tensions fell away”, “I felt my consciousness expanding”.


Uyanga Bold is passionate about transformative experiences through direct application of sound waves, in particular, the human voice. An internationally acclaimed vocalist and composer from Mongolia based in Los Angeles, Forbes Magazine Romania describes: “her voice harkens back to ancient civilizations” and Electronic Musicians Magazine praises: “Masterful range and consistency of singer Uyanga Bold...  remarkable chops...”, and Cosmopolitan Magazine Mongolia nominated her “Best Female Singer of the Year”. Uyanga’s voice is sampled as a virtual instrument, is heard on motion picture soundtracks and international performances with millions of views.