“I’m Úyanga’s biggest fan. I have always loved Lisa Gerrard’s singing and when I heard Úyanga’s singing, it immediately reminded me of her.” - Executive Producer Lee Raby, TNE Magazine

“Úyanga Bold outdid herself on this one. She singlehandedly managed to not only NOT sound like herself and not sound like anyone else either, but still sound like ONLY HER could have sung this (I’m aware of the conflicting nature of my words). So much talent!” - Composer Edouard Brenneisen, League of Legends

Úyanga Bold's three octave range - D3 to D6 - is influenced by her classical training, world music work studies and Mongolian heritage. Here are selections from her work. All vocals are performed by Úyanga.

cinematic Emotional voice

"Resonance No. 2 in Am" is characterized by an emotional cinematic voice. The single take recording process for the piece is captured on camera here. The track features idioglossia - a secret imaginative language of the spirit.


Ethnic Belting Voice: Mongolian Style

"Sehnsucht II" is the sound of powerful belting ethnic voice, inspired by Mongolian singing called Urtiin Duu. It represents feelings of unfinished or yearning states for ideal alternative experiences.


Rising climactic epic voice

"Elements" displays a range of emotional vocals with ethnic stylings, including rising climactic vocals in the end. I had a wonderful time creating the different styles of voices for German composer Dirk Ehlert.


Dark minimalistic precise voice with ethnic touches - bulgarian/near east

"Odyssey" incorporates darker emotional vocals, with straight synth like tones in the beginning and ethnic melismas towards the climax for an overall ancient futuristic vocal sound.

Here as well the single take recording process is captured on camera.

Pop/rock Voice