soloist: voice

Ethnic, World, cinematic, classical vocalist

“Her voice harkens back to ancient civilizations” - Forbes Magazine Romania

“Heard on film, TV and video games, Úyanga performs internationally as a guest vocal soloist and appears on international television and radio broadcasts as a performer and as a guest. She is best recognized for her work as the vocal soloist with the Masterpiece Experience and the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra performing Hans Zimmer’s “Batman: The Dark Knight” Suite with over 12 million views, for which Cosmopolitan Magazine Mongolia nominated her Best Female Singer of the Year.

Past performances include the Tenerife International Film Music Festival in Tenerife, Spain, the Boston Symphony Hall with the Rhythm of the Universe alongside Alan Silvestri and the Video Game Orchestra in Boston, USA, and the League of Legends eSports World Championship in Beijing, China.”

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“Masterful range and consistency of singer Uyanga Bold... Remarkable chops...” - Electronic Musicians Magazine

Human X Vision is a multidimensional live experience.

We explore what it means to be human in the 21st century through music, art and technology.

The atmosphere is the intersection of reverent ceremony and Burning Man imagination, where otherworldly reflections meets sincere prayer.

The performance is constantly evolving and is a synthesis of the acoustic and the digital, the spontaneously improvised and the carefully written.

The intention is to bend reality with cinematic/ethnic/ethereal voices and choirs, ancient rhythms, futuristic soundscapes and exotic instruments. Thanks to looping technology, this is achieved solo by recording tracks live on the go and stacking them.

Special workshops and ceremonies may be requested, which include: voice activation and freedom, shamanic journeying, guided and light breath-work meditations, visualizations, and plant medicine of cacao (raw chocolate).

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