Illumination EXPERIENCE: REFLECTIONS with Úyanga Bold.

The Illumination Experience is a space for harmonizing our inner and outer existences. It's an opportunity to focus on who we truly are and what really matters.

While I love the excitement of collaborating with projects and orchestras, I also love the creative freedom of performing solo where I get to build and guide a musical experience from start to finish.

I care about the sustainable coexistence of humanity with itself, evolving technologies, and this planet. In that spirit, the performance is constantly evolving and is a synthesis of the organic and the digital, the spontaneously improvised and the carefully written.

Thanks to looping technology, I am able to multiply myself by recording tracks live on the go and stacking them. The effect? Time and reality bending odysseys of cinematic-ethnic-ethereal voices, ancient Mongolian songs, nomadic scales, futuristic choirs atop sculpted soundscapes of vocal and exotic harmonies and instruments. 

The atmosphere is the intersection of reverent ceremony and Burning Man imagination where otherworldly reflection meets sincere prayer.

Special workshops and ceremonies may be requested, which include: voice activation and freedom, shamanic journeying, guided and light breath-work meditations, visualizations, and plant medicine of cacao (raw chocolate).

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