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Madagasikara (2018) wins "Best Long Documentary Award"

It’s a real pleasure singing on this extraordinary film. Heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to director Cam Cowan, composers Emmett Cooke, Oliver Sadie and everyone on the team for Madagasikara (2018), which won the "Best Long Documentary Award" at Scandinavian International Film Festival.

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My new single "Rise" is available now. The intention of the song is to give you a cinematic emotional journey that uplifts you. 

"Voices of the empire" EAST WEST Vocal LiBRARY

Thrilled to announce my partnership with EastWest Sounds / Quantum Leap for a new audio sample library: "Voices of the Empire". Produced by Nick Phoenix (Two Steps From Hell) and Doug Rogers, Voices of the Empire is perfect for epic film/TV/game soundtracks and will make the perfect companion product to the highly-anticipated Hollywood Choirs. 

“Uyanga Bold is a unique talent, melding the ethnic musical traditions of Bulgaria, Serbia, Mongolia, and beyond. It’s East meets West like you’ve never heard before. Voices of the Empire will be a must-have virtual instrument for composers and musicians looking for that haunting cinematic vocal sound for their next project." It is now available for purchase and for all ComposerCloud members. Find out more:

 NEW Video game Soundtrack

Thank you Jose Varon - Musicworks V.C Productions and Artigames for having me on the beautiful soundtrack of the upcoming Perúvian video game "Ankalli - Shar of Existence". Here is the making of the main theme of the game.


Being a part of the newest release from Two Steps From Hell was an incredible experience. Here is one of the tracks from the album Rune.

"Odyssey" is a journey into the mystery of the deep cosmos and the self. 




Úyanga Bold's three octave range - D3 to D6 - is influenced by her classical training, world music work studies and Mongolian heritage. Here are selections from her work. All vocals are performed by Úyanga.

"Resonance No. 2 in Am" is characterized by an emotional cinematic voice. The single take recording process for the piece is captured on camera here. The track features idioglossia - a secret imaginative language of the spirit.


"Sehnsucht II" is the sound of powerful belting ethnic voice, inspired by Mongolian singing called Urtiin Duu. It represents feelings of unfinished or yearning states for ideal alternative experiences.


"Elements" displays a range of emotional vocals with ethnic stylings, including rising climactic vocals in the end. I had a wonderful time creating the different styles of voices for German composer Dirk Ehlert.


"Odyssey" incorporates darker emotional vocals, with straight synth like tones in the beginning and ethnic melismas towards the climax for an overall ancient futuristic vocal sound.

Here as well the single take recording process is captured on camera.